A Meditation Menu: Which Type of Meditation Suits You?

Last time we discussed the concept of mindfulness, and the importance of being aware of everything that happens around you in a moment, without going far into the future or getting tangled in the past… and the best road to achieving mindfulness is meditation. However, once you make up your mind and decide you want to begin a routine of morning meditation, you realize it is not just a road, but a whole set of choices!


What is Mindfulness? The concept of mindfulness explained to beginners

Picture yourself in this situation: you are having a coffee with a co-worker and you discuss a bunch of things about work. When later you want to tell your spouse about the talk, you barely remember a thing. Or this: you go to the supermarket and you buy a bag of groceries, then you drive home and you can’t remember if you paid with cash or credit card, even less the color of the cashier’s shirt!


Vision Board Studio: Visualizing your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions…

The year 2011 is finally coming to an end… the New Year 2012 will soon become a reality. As holidays approach, many of us think of special New Year resolutions we wish to achieve. As we have said once, it is better to imagine than to merely want [] because, when you visualize your goals clearly, you are one step closer to reaching them. Thus said, I want to tell you about a motivation package I have tried, and which I’ve found really helpful.


What Is Telekinesis And How Can You Dominate It?

When we say Telekinesis, we mean the ability to move an object without contact or other physical means. That is, moving things with the power of your mind. The word telekinesis comes from the Greek tele -meaning ‘distant’- and kinesis –‘movement’. Sometimes, Telekinesis is used as a synonym for Psychokinesis, when this one it actually a hypernym, a term that includes a whole list of psychic abilities such as affecting things, changing the shape of an object, manipulating fire, reading minds, teleporting or healing… all of them without physical contact.


Lack Of Motivation, How to Get Over It?

Whether you have to look for a new job, tidy up your bedroom or study for a hard exam, lack of motivation can ruin your whole project before you even start. If you are tired of feeling you never reach your goals, or that you give up because you don’t see the point of doing anything, then you are probably experiencing what we call procrastination, that is, lack of motivation. It is very common in teenagers, or in people who suffer from depression, but every one of us can experience this exhausting feeling every once in a while. What can you do to overcome lack of motivation, and achieve success in every area of your life?


Empathy, Walking In Borrowed Shoes

Have you ever wondered what is the actual importance of empathy? Thanks to this amazing capacity, we human beings are able to put ourselves in another person’s shoes (that is, truly understanding how the other one feels without actually experiencing the feeling ourselves). Empathy and sympathy are both social skills that we develop in a very early age. Such a capacity has helped our species survive and build a society. Without empathy, there would be no compassion and no solidarity.


Mind Over Matter Quotes

Mind over Matter Zen story:

An accomplished though conceited young archer once dared a Zen master famed for his prowess in archery, to a test of their skills. The youth’s proficiency was extraordinary. His first arrow found its target, a far off bull’s eye, with ease; with his next shot, he split the first arrow into two.

Think you can match that ? he asked the old man condescendingly.


Suffering is Optional

Often people live their entire lives and never bump into the possibility that their experience of suffering is optional. What if the worry, fear, guilt or emotional pain you’re experiencing right now (if you’re aware of it) is truly a moment to moment choice that is constantly being made. If suffering is optional, that means happiness is also a choice. There are many things that people assume are true in life, and one of the most prevalent beliefs human beings have is that they don’t have the power to simply choose another experience. This article will show you how to climb out of any traumatic trench you’re in, and empower your mind and liberate yourself of unnecessary suffering.


The Wild Divine: begin the journey!

The Wild Divine is a company that produces both hardware and software that allow the users to explore the mind-body connection in real time. You know how crazy living in today’s world can be. All of us can feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or exhausted, from time to time. We spend most of our lives in a hurry, we work too much, and we worry a lot. It’s not easy to find some quiet time for ourselves. The good news is, you don’t need to travel to a Buddhist temple in order to gain balance. What if I told you that our computer can be turned into a tool that could provide us a real training for both our mind and body? This is what the amazing Wild Divine product has to offer. I bet you are intrigued…